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Portuguese for Beginners

Portuguese, a melodious Romance language, elegantly combines rhythmic cadence with distinctive nasal vowels, creating a musical linguistic tapestry. Spoken by millions across continents, from the cobbled streets of Lisbon to the vibrant beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Portuguese reveals its historical tapestry through intricate verb conjugations, grammatical genders, and a rich lexicon woven from diverse influences, from European exploration to indigenous roots. This language not only connects its speakers to a rich literary heritage that spans centuries, but also shapes the modern digital landscape, proving its enduring ability to bridge cultures and resonate across borders.
  • Proficiency Level Reached: A1-
  • Prerequisite(s): none
  • Course Materials: Teach Yourself Complete Portuguese
  • Duration: 10 weeks, 15 class hours

Portuguese Private & Online Lessons

For students with specific goals or a unique schedule, private lessons are custom tailored to improve your language skills at a pace and learning style that’s right for you.  Lessons plans and materials are custom designed to fit your needs and help you reach your goals.  Available for individuals, couples, or small groups, private lessons can take place at Zabaan’s language centre or at your home or office in Delhi (travel costs apply) or online via Skype or Google Hangouts.


“Tutors at Zabaan have the commitment, resources and enthusiasm… Their depth of knowledge and ability to share it in an understandable way has been most helpful…. The quality of teaching continues to be exceptional and the positive philosophy that underpins the Institute very supportive. Zabaan is helping me attain my goal”

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My learning curve is not typical; it is more like a stroll across the Indo-Gangetic Plain than a hike up Everest. No matter. I am retired. I am a slow learner and I don’t always do my homework. I have come back to Zabaan to improve my Hindi because their system works for me. The tutors have continued to accompany me on my slow stroll along the path of language learning; guiding, encouraging and teaching. They show professionalism and are adaptable; easily able to accommodate my individual learning style. Along the way, they have been open to discussion about making changes to our agreed plan. Before coming to India from Scotland I took Skype lessons with Zabaan and gained good experience of the materials and teaching methods used. The Institute is always reviewing available teaching materials, which I find helpful. Tuition has been consistent as I take small steps toward my goal of fluency in all three aspects of the Hindi language; reading, writing and speaking. Tutors at Zabaan have the commitment, resources and enthusiasm to help me reach this goal. Their depth of knowledge and ability to share it in an understandable way has been most helpful. Classes have been fun, challenging and always engaging. When I struggle in understanding some point of grammar or piece of text, tutors patiently make clear the points of difficulty, even if we have been over them many times before. Initially, I took part in an intensive group for beginners and received a very good grounding in the basics of Hindi. Later, I continued with individual sessions at the Institute while getting general conversation practice in my daily life. My classes have been with different tutors … A mixture of reading, translation, grammar and conversation.. Having classes with different tutors has been especially helpful in understanding spoken Hindi. Meeting and interacting with students from other cultures is another important aspect of Zabaan for me … A truly multicultural learning environment. Fees are moderate and offer extremely good value. The quality of teaching continues to be exceptional and the positive philosophy that underpins the Institute very supportive. Zabaan is helping me attain my goal … बहुत बहुत घन्यवाद June 2016

Stephen Hubbard, 17 June 2016

“As someone who has fully experienced nearly every aspect of Zabaan, I can confidently say that you’ll get the best possible language learning experience here.”

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The teachers at Zabaan live teaching as a way of life and continuously strive to increase their own knowledge.This contagious passion for learning motivates you tremendously as a student. Many students find themselves reaching levels of proficiency beyond what they ever imagined possible, which is testament not only to the technical abilities of the staff but also to their charismatic personalities. In addition to a rich language learning experience, you’ll also experience a smooth administrative process at Zabaan. They make it a priority to try to meet everyone’s unique needs, whether you’re studying at the school as an individual or on a large program. In a world ever more geared towards a one-size-fits-all philosophy, this accommodating and personalized approach is refreshing, to say the least. As an impactful place of language learning and an inspiring community to become part of, I can’t recommend Zabaan highly enough.
Christoph Dusenbery, 1 Dec 2015