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Just a stone’s throw from the Kailash Colony metro station Zabaan language institute offers classes in more than twenty different languages taught by a multinational team of teachers all united by the desire to pass on their passion for language and learning. Zabaan offers a variety of courses for both modern and ancient Indian languages such as north Indian Hindi and Urdu, south Indian Tamil, the more literary Braj Bhasha and Sanskrit, the venerable tongue of ancient India. Next to these native Indian languages Zabaan is also a gateway to Persian and Arabic, two languages that have played an important role in the development of modern Hindi and Urdu. In case your palate craves for more western fare Zabaan additionally offers tuition in a wide variety of European languages ranging from English, French, German and Portuguese to Old English, Old Norse and Homeric Greek. All these courses can be booked as flexible one-on-one classes, intensive group classes, twice weekly evening group classes and, if you are too busy or just not in Delhi at the moment, even as online classes.

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Number of Classes Taught

Evening Group Classes

What better way to learn a new language than to combine it with meeting new people and making new friends who have come from the four corners of the globe to do exactly what you have come to do.

Intensive Courses

If you want to improve your language skills as much as possible over a short period of time then join one of Zabaan’s intensive courses.

Private Classes

Designed to meet your personal schedule and needs, there is no doubt that private classes are the most effective way to improve your language skills.

Online Classes

No matter where you are in the world you can profit from Zabaan’s competent team of teachers by taking online classes.

Upcoming Group Courses

Course TitleStart DateDaysTimeEnd DateDuration
Intensive Basic (A1, A2) 21 SepMon - Fri9.15 am - 12.30 pm16 Oct4 Weeks, 60 Hours
Evening Basic08 SepTues, Thurs6:30 - 8 pm12 Nov10 Weeks, 30 Hours
Evening AdvancedOngoingTues6.30 - 8.00 pmOngoingOngoing
Course TitleStart DateDaysTimeEnd DateDuration
Urdu Script17 OctSat3.00 - 4.30 pm07 Nov4 Weeks, 6 Hours
Course TitleStart DateDaysTimeEnd DateDuration
Weekend Crash Course (Advanced)30 MaySat3 - 5 pm27 Jun5 Weeks, 10 Hours
Course TitleStart DateDaysTimeEnd DateDuration
Intensive Basic (A1)31 AugMon - Fri3.00 - 4.30 pm25 Sep4 Weeks, 30 Hours
Evening Basic (A1)07 SepMon , Wed6.30 - 8.00 pm11 Nov10 Weeks, 30 Hours
Course TitleStart DateDaysTimeEnd DateDuration
Evening Basic (A1) 15 SepTue/Thu6:30 - 8 pm19 Nov10 Weeks, 30 Hours
Intensive Basic (A1)14 SepMon - Fri4.45 - 6.15 pm09 Oct4 Weeks, 30 Hours
Course TitleStart DateDaysTimeEnd DateDuration
Weekend Basic22 AugSat11 am - 12:30 pm
1:30 pm - 3 pm
24 Oct10 Weeks, 30 Hours

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New at Zabaan

Basic Tamil Classes

A new batch for Basic Tamil A1 Level is starting on Monday, 31 August. Please send us an email at learn@zabaan.com to sign-up!


Want to learn German? For fun, for business or even for reading some of its literature? Our next batch for Intensive Basic German (A1) is starting on Monday, 3 August. Contact us for more information.

French Courses

Interested in learning French? We have two new A1 level batches starting in August. Contact us for more details!

Homeric Greek

Acquire a working knowledge of the epic dialect of Greek and discover the fascinating world of its interrelation with Sanskrit by the use of comparative linguistics.

Old English

An introduction to the earliest form of the English language (500-1000 AD) intended for those who have an interest in reading some of the poetry of the Anglo-Saxons in the original.

Old Norse

Ever wanted to know what the Vikings and their descendants spoke, thought and wrote? This course aims at enabling students to read some of the Icelandic family-sagas in the original language.

Google Reviews

Reviewed from Google

5 out of 5 stars

elsa mathews
elsa mathews

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I have been learning German at Zabaan. The teacher, Silvio, is very understanding and patient. He takes us through the complicated terrain of German grammar step-by-step, allowing one to be at ease with the language. For somebody who has had practically no exposure to German language, the approach is very friendly. The atmosphere is relaxed and yet very professional. Silvio is a very knowledgeable teacher, who is able to give individual attention to the student and does not hesitate to explain the roots of certain words. He takes special care to ensure that one gets all the pronunciations right.

Charty Dugdale
Charty Dugdale

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I remember Zabaan when it was two people with a good idea handing out flyers in Khan Market. Since those days (actually not so long ago) it has grown into a first rate language institute offering courses in 9 modern and 4 classical languages (and counting). I haven't taken Old Norse but I can definitely say there is no better place in Delhi to study Hindi. The quality of the teaching is superb, well-structured but also tailored to individual needs and learning styles. The teachers are fascinated by language and how we learn. They have a deep knowledge of their subjects and an ability to explain any detail or nuance in a clear effective way, consulting books and dictionaries if necessary. I really look forward to my classes: they are stimulating, challenging, enjoyable - and they work! Plus the chai is delicious. In fact Zabaan is a deeply civilised place. I recommend it highly.
I first studied Hindi at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. The teaching at Zabaan is at least as good as it was there, if not better.


Zabaan not only has well equipped classrooms with air-conditioning to keep your head cool while in class, it also offers places to relax or study on your own and the possibility to share a home-cooked lunch with your classmates.


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