Sanskrit has been called the mother of all languages. Indeed it has significantly influenced many in the Indo-European family and is the root of most North Indian languages. Sanskrit literature encompasses a rich tradition of poetry and drama as well as scientific, philosophical and religious texts. Indeed, Sanskrit continues to be used as a ceremonial language in Hindi religious rituals.

Zabaan’s faculty includes scholars equipped with expertise in Sanskrit grammar and literature. The following Sanskrit language courses are currently offered at Zabaan through Group Classes, Private Instruction and Online Instruction. Learn more below about each course we teach, the language skills you’ll develop, and the materials we’ll use to help you achieve your learning objectives.

Basic Sanskrit

This course is aimed at beginners seeking to obtain reading skills in Sanskrit, the classical language of India. A comprehensive survey of the most important features of Sanskrit grammar will allow students to approach texts in an informed and constructive way. As the course progresses, students will gradually acquire the ability to deconstruct the rich language of written Sanskrit into root forms that can then be found in a dictionary. In turn, students with gain the tools necessary to decode Sanskrit grammar.  Primarily aimed at students interested in pursuing further specialised instruction in India, this course will be taught strictly using the devanagari script.


Course MaterialsIntroduction to Sanskrit (Part One)” (2011) by Thomas Egenes
Introduction to Sanskrit (Part Two)” (2012) by Thomas Egenes
Devavāṇīpraveśikā : An Introduction to the Sanskrit Language (2011) by Robert P. Goldman and Sally J. Sutherland Goldman
Prerequisite(s): None
Duration: 60 Class Hours
Options: Group ClassesPrivate Lessons or Online Instruction
Reading The Laghusiddhantkaumudi

The Laghusiddhantkaumudi (लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी) by 17th century Sanskrit grammarian, Varadaraja, is the seminal text for learning the Paninian Grammatical System. With the reorganization and Sanskrit commentary on 1300 sutras of the Ashtadhyayi, the text covers Sandhi, Verb Conjugations, Compounds, and suffixes among other topics.

Course Materialsलघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी
Prerequisite(s): Basic Sanskrit (A1)
Duration: variable
Options: Private Lessons or Online Instruction

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“I wholeheartedly recommend Neha as a Sanskrit tutor for anyone wishing to learn this fascinating language with a reliable teacher.”

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I’m a Spanish research scholar in the field of General and Comparative Literature currently based in Delhi. Since 2012 I’ve been learning Sanskrit with Neha Tiwari at Zabaan on a one-to-one basis. My experience has been extremely satisfactory, since Neha combines a deep knowledge of the grammar and the Sanskrit tradition with great didactic skills. Her approach is very contemporary and fresh, but without loosing sight of the traditional account of the Indian grammarians, such as Panini. She also has a lot of patience, which is essential for teaching Sanskrit, and a great sense of humour, so you will never get bored in her classes. Her English is absolutely immaculate, and she can draw comparisons between both languages that are quite helpful for a beginner student like me. I wholeheartedly recommend Neha as a Sanskrit tutor for anyone wishing to learn this fascinating language with a reliable teacher. She is very serious and dedicated to her job, and her way of teaching is dynamic and methodical. For any further reference, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Nuño Aguirre de Cárcer, 25 Apr 2013

“I highly recommend Zabaan for anyone wishing to learn and/or improve their Hindi, Urdu or Sanskrit.”

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I was a student at Zabaan for about four months in 2013. I took private Hindi-Urdu classes once a week as well as private Sanskrit classes once a week. I had studied Hindi-Urdu for two years in college and Hindi for one semester in an intensive language class during a semester abroad in New Delhi prior to coming to Zabaan. I had never studied Sanskrit before. My two Hindi-Urdu teachers, Christoph and Ali, were exemplary. It had been two years since I had studied Hindi-Urdu. however both teachers helped me jump right back into learning the languages. Christoph is a very patient teacher. Although I only had four classes with him, I really learned a lot from him. One of the most helpful ways in which Christoph helped me get comfortable with Hindi again was by having me read the first Harry Potter book in Hindi. Christoph really wanted my Hindi learning experience to be a fun and enjoyable one. My main teacher for Hindi-Urdu was Ali. Ali is truly passionate about teaching languages. He made sure to devote large amounts of time to grammar, pronunciation, and sentence structure. Although the amounts of homework Ali assigned me seemed a bit overwhelming at times, it really helped me with my reading comprehension and overall grammar. Apart from helping me improve my Hindi-Urdu, Ali also taught me a lot about the history of Hindi-Urdu in India. He is a wonderful instructor who truly wants his students to succeed in their language study. My Sanskrit teacher Neha was also a fantastic instructor. In the four months she has been my instructor, she has helped me learn many Sanskrit basics such as sandhi, nouns and pronouns declensions, present tense verb conjugations, pronunciations, and indeclinables. She is incredibly sweet and kind and is always looking for ways to make concepts clearer and easier to understand. I really enjoyed my weekly classes with her. I highly recommend Zabaan for anyone wishing to learn and/or improve their Hindi, Urdu or Sanskrit.
Sohini Pillai, 23 Apr 2013