Zabaan offers multiple Pashto courses to meet a variety of needs. In addition to occasional group classes, we offer private lessons and online instruction. Scroll down for details about each course we teach, the language skills you’ll develop, and the materials we’ll use to help you achieve your learning objectives.

Basic Pashto

Pashto is a rich and complex language with unique features that prove challenging even for a veteran linguist. This course aims to demystify the learning process through a well-structured survey of Pashto grammar that will allow students to communicate at a basic level. By the end of this course, students will be able to introduce themselves, order food, ask for directions, and engage in simple conversation. With an equal focus on writing skills, the course also includes a comprehensive introduction to the variation of Arabic script used to write Pashto.


Course MaterialsSpeaking Afghan Pashto by Randall Olson
Prerequisite(s): None
Duration: 45 Class Hours
Options: Group Classes (based on demand), Private Lessons, or Online Instruction
Intermediate Pashto

For those with basic reading, writing, and reading skills in Pashto, this course enhances students’ ability to express abstract ideas and opinions more confidently. In this course, short stories are employed to boost students’ reading proficiency while learning materials curated or designed by Zabaan help introduce new grammar concepts, expanded vocabulary, and common idiomatic expressions.


Course MaterialsProgressing in Pashto by David Burns
Other materials designed by Zabaan
Prerequisite(s): Basic Pashto (A1, preferably A2)
Duration: 70-100 Class Hours
Options: Private Lessons or Online Instruction


Advanced Pashto

Students with a solid foundation in Pashto will achieve near-native proficiency in this course. Through discussion-based sessions on poetry, prose, and news articles, students will develop a rich vocabulary, a keen sense of Pashto’s nuances, and a deep understanding of the language’s most complex grammatical constructions. Open to anyone with intermediate proficiency, this course will be particularly valuable to students connected to a Pashto-speaking region, either as researchers or in a professional capacity.


Course MaterialsPrepared by the teacher
Prerequisite(s):Intermediate Pashto (B1/B2)
Duration: 120-150 Class Hours
Options: Private Lessons or Online Instruction

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“The classrooms are clean and modern, the staff is very accommodating, and there are numerous resources – books, videos, flashcards – to take advantage of.”

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I’ve spent a total of four months or so studying at Zabaan on two separate occasions and have been really pleased with the school and the staff. For the most part I was studying Pashto (not taught by in-house staff), and on both trips Ali has tracked down knowledgeable instructors to come work with me at Zabaan, which is no easy feat. The classrooms are clean and modern, the staff is very accomodating, and there are numerous resources–books, videos, flashcards–to take advantage of. Ali has even given me the Pashto textbooks and dictionaries he’s come across. All around great experience and highly recommended.
Damon Vorhees, 06 Feb 2014

“Zabaan have also helped with Pashto and Urdu translations I have needed to get done for my work, and have an impressive turnaround at short notice.”

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I started with Zabaan two years ago, learning Urdu from scratch, and now feel confident with reading, writing and grammar. Ali is an excellent teacher, good at explaining the language in a clear way, and I have definitely learned a lot in a short space of time. We also learn vocabulary useful for everyday situations, which is particularly useful. Zabaan have also helped with Pashto and Urdu translations I have needed to get done for my work, and have an impressive turnaround at short notice.
Nicola Smith , 29 Apr 2013