Chinese (Mandarin)

Chinese for Beginners

Our Chinese for Beginners course is ideal for students aiming to kickstart their knowledge of Mandarin grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.  By the end of this course, beyond learning basic conversation, students will be able to read and write dozens of characters.  A final focus of the course will be on learning to differentiate and pronounce the four tones unique to Chinese. This course is available as a group class, in private lessons, or online.
  • Proficiency Level Reached: A1
  • Prerequisite(s): none
  • Course Materials: New Practical Chinese Reader, Beijing Language and Culture University Press
  • Frequency: Three times weekly
  • Duration: 4 weeks, 18 class hours

Chinese Private Lessons

For students with specific goals or a unique schedule, private lessons are custom tailored to improve your language skills at a pace and learning style that’s right for you.  Lessons plans and materials are custom designed to fit your needs and help you reach your goals.  Available for individuals, couples, or small groups, private lessons can take place at Zabaan’s language centre or at your home or office in Delhi (travel costs apply).


Chinese Online Lessons

No matter where you are in the world or what your level of proficiency, you can benefit from Zabaan’s through private online instruction. Zabaan can accommodate your schedule to arrange sessions on Google+ or Skype where you can learn new grammatical structures and vocabulary or practice your conversation skills. You’ll receive learning materials directly from your teacher via email and will submit scanned completed homework for review allowing your teacher to track your progress and plan subsequent lessons accordingly.


“I can guarantee beyond any doubt that this is one of the most effective language programs I’ve ever taken.”
-Adrian Mangiuca , 08 Sep 2011

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I have been a student of Zabaan’s since September 2010, and I can guarantee beyond any doubt that this is one of the most effective language programs I’ve ever taken. I started learning Hindi on my own through the “Teach Yourself” series and with Rosetta Stone. While they both certainly helped, it was Zabaan that brought my language skill up significantly. The key to working with them is that they provide extremely personalized attention at a very affordable price. That personalized attention also came from professionals fluent in both Hindi/Urdu and English. Very often, you find lessons from native speakers (especially in Delhi) who try to explain things to you without really understanding the way you think about language. Considering the vast differences between Hindi and English, not only in grammar but the way that thoughts themselves are expressed, this tends to be a problem. I hate hearing the explanation that something is the way it is ‘just because.’ That’s not an issue at Zabaan, as every one of the (very friendly) professors has a deep, scholarly understanding of the languages they teach. This means that you’ll understand why things are the way they are, which for me was huge. Of course they do offer crash-courses for people wanting to get a working knowledge of the language, but I suppose I chose the more involved path. I’m impressed that they could accommodate it. In any case, I highly recommend language lessons here. I’ve come to love Hindi and Urdu a great deal, as I can not only understand them reasonably well, but appreciate their actual complexity and beauty as systems of expressing and communicating thought.

“If not for Zabaan, I would not have achieved my goal of fluency in six months.”
-Jennifer Denhard, 11 Sep 2011

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I studied Hindi at Zabaan for five intense weeks that was equivalent in results to many, many months of self-study. If not for Zabaan, I would not have achieved my goal of fluency in six months. The instructors’ faith in my ability to succeed — and their passion for and profound knowledge of the language and how to teach it — made it all possible. In addition, the warm and welcoming atmosphere, the diverse student population, and the kindness of each and every staff member made the experience pleasant and engaging from beginning to end.