Zabaan offers a variety of English courses to help you meet your needs.  We also offer coaching for OPIc and IELTS tests. Scroll down for details about each course we teach, the language skills you’ll develop, and the materials we’ll use to help you achieve your learning objectives.

Intermediate English

With English the lingua franca of the twenty-first century, a strong command of the language can unlock opportunities and experiences that would otherwise remain out of reach. Our intermediate English course aims to grant you the access that English proficiency provides.For students with a solid understanding of the basics, this course is taught by a native speaker who will help you boost your reading, writing, speaking and comprehension skills. You will gain confidence to express yourself more freely through a combination of real-life scenarios, newspapers and movies, and grammar exercises.


Course Materials
  • Intermediate Grammar: From Form to Meaning and Use (1996) by Susan Kesner Bland
  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (with DVD) (2009)
Prerequisite(s): Basic Level Proficiency (A1)
Duration: 60 Class Hours
Options: Private Lessons or Online Instruction
Advanced English

Designed for students who wish to work or study in English, our Advanced English class aims to helps students achieve near-native proficiency by focusing on an enhanced command of the nuances the language has adopted throughout its tumultuous history. Students will work to master the idiosyncrasies of English syntax and word choice guided by one of our instructors with expertise in advanced English. Through an exploration of idiomatic usages and practical grammar, students will engage in discussion-based learning on topics found in news articles and stories, talk shows, radio programs, and popular media.


Course Materials
  • Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English (2010) by Douglas Biber, Susan Conrad and Geoffrey Leech
  • Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English Workbook (2002) by Douglas Biber, Susan Conrad and Geoffrey Leech
Prerequisite(s): Intermediate Level Proficiency (B1/B2)
Duration: 60+ Class Hours
Options: Private Lessons or Online Instruction
Academic Writing in English

For those interested in pursuing higher education at an English-language university, this course aims to prepare students to write compelling academic papers in English.  Although students who take this course will already possess a solid mastery of the language, they will learn to draft strong arguments using the vocabulary and style appropriate for an academic context. Taught by one of Zabaan’s instructors with expertise in academic writing, students will be assessed on their writing skills and their use of academic vocabulary specific to their intended field of study. By the end of this course, students will be equipped to succeed in an academic setting.


Course MaterialsA combination of textbooks and materials prepared by the teachers based on students’ level.
Prerequisite(s): Upper Intermediate to Advanced Level Proficiency (B2/C1)
Duration: 30-60 Class Hours
Options: Private Lessons or Online Instruction
OPIc Test Preparation

Used by commercial enterprises, international organizations, government agencies, and universities worldwide to test English oral proficiency, the Oral Proficiency Interview is increasingly in demand as a reliable tool of assessment to screen candidates for jobs and academic positions.  This course is specifically designed to prepare OPIc test takers by focusing on building the skills most important for achieving favorable test scores on the exam. Taught by a native speaker of Standard American or British English, the course content focuses on identifying error patterns and areas for improvement and developing test strategies.

Comprising mock interviews, functional vocabulary drills, focused grammar exercises, pronunciation practice and guided feedback, this course is one of the most thorough and well taught OPIc Preparation Course in New Delhi.


Course MaterialsA combination of textbooks and materials prepared by the teachers based on students’ level.
Prerequisite(s): Upper Intermediate to Advanced Level Proficiency (B2/C1)
Duration: 30-60 Class Hours
Options: Private Lessons or Online Instruction
IELTS Preparation

For individuals interested in enrolling in university or pursuing work opportunities abroad, this course aims to prepare students for both the Academic Version and the General Training Version of the IELTS.  Taught by a native British English speaker trained at the British Council in specialist IELTS teaching, this course focuses on developing the skills and strategies necessary to maximise your test score.  Whether in group classes or private lessons, you will improve the core skills tested in the exam — reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


Course Materials Prescribed IELTS guides and resources
Prerequisite(s): Intermediate Level Proficiency (B1/B2)
Duration: Class Hours Variable
Options: Group Classes, Private Lessons, or Online Instruction
“As someone who has fully experienced nearly every aspect of Zabaan, I can confidently say that you’ll get the best possible language learning experience here.”

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The teachers at Zabaan live teaching as a way of life and continuously strive to increase their own knowledge.This contagious passion for learning motivates you tremendously as a student. Many students find themselves reaching levels of proficiency beyond what they ever imagined possible, which is testament not only to the technical abilities of the staff but also to their charismatic personalities.

In addition to a rich language learning experience, you’ll also experience a smooth administrative process at Zabaan. They make it a priority to try to meet everyone’s unique needs, whether you’re studying at the school as an individual or on a large program. In a world ever more geared towards a one-size-fits-all philosophy, this accommodating and personalized approach is refreshing, to say the least.

As an impactful place of language learning and an inspiring community to become part of, I can’t recommend Zabaan highly enough.

Christoph Dusenbery, 1 Dec 2015

“Everything is high quality, from their teachers and teaching methods all the way down to their scheduling system and their purified air.”

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After a ton of research about different language schools in India and a year of private lessons at Zabaan, I can easily say that this is among the best in the country, if not the top option. Everything is high quality, from their teachers and teaching methods all the way down to their scheduling system and their purified air. With more than 20 years of experience studying almost a dozen foreign languages, I have found Zabaan to be the most effective and enjoyable. They catered their lessons specifically to my needs and focused on improving my skills where there was room for improvement. I would recommend this institute to anyone interested in studying foreign languages in Delhi.
Alexander Hunt, 17 Jun 2015

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Since it is very often not possible to fill class spaces at short notice, we have to charge for private or online classes cancelled less than 48 hours beforehand. If we receive between 48 and 24 hours notice, then half the class fee is payable. At less than 24 hours notice the full class fee is payable.
Fees for Private Instruction may be paid in advance, or on a class-by-class basis, by cash, debit/credit card, or check (made payable to: S. A. Zabaan Pvt Ltd).
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The rates for Group Classes and Private Instruction at our centre in New Delhi and anywhere in India are inclusive of service tax.
If you are being funded or reimbursed for your classes, please let us know, as the fees are different in that case.
Clean drinking water and chai/coffee are available free of charge at the Zabaan Centre - just ask a member of staff. Lunch is also available for a small fee. Please let a Zabaan staff member know that you’d like to eat lunch by 10 a.m. of the same day.
The reading room is available for use by Zabaan students during the day (when it is not being used for classes) for study purposes.
We have a collection of Hindi and Urdu films available for students to check out. When students check out a film for the first time we take a fully refundable Rs. 500 deposit. Please let a staff member know when you’d like to take a film and write down your name and the title of the film on the sign-out sheet.
Please contact the reception desk if you would like to access our Wi-Fi network. Please note that this service is free of cost for browsing and checking emails/messages only. Please do not use this connection for downloads greater than 2 MB.